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Front Door Copic Marker Rendering

Door #2 Color

Here is a rendering of a front door from my neighborhood that I see walking my dogs. I took a  snap shot on my phone and the picture became a visual reference for my  pencil sketch.  While working on the drawing, the photograph is a great way to check the proportions on the door, molding and curved brick steps.  After completing the pencil drawing, the fine line drawing marker is added on top of the pencil, the pencil lines are erased and the color marker is added.  Check out the line drawing below.

Copic Marker Rendering Tip #3:  It is important to have unity of color in an architectural rendered image.  One of the techniques that I use is to repeat the colors that are used on different objects. For example, the YR23 and E11 markers are used for the stucco and in the bricks.  The reds on the door and brick include the E19 & E11 markers.  The grey markers T0 & T2 are used to highlight the decorative molding around the door and the stones.  G82 & G99 were used in the plants and door mat.  B41 was used in the lamp and a highlight in the stones. To keep me focused on this technique, I select the marker colors before I get started and add new marker colors cautiously as I am working on the image. Need new rendering supplies?  Check out a resource that I use. Dick Blick Art Materials

Door #3 Riverside

Copicart Interior Renderings

QR Interior Color B 600Great to have completed another rendered interior line drawing.  Here is a creative strategy that I use when working on an image that takes extra time and planning to complete.   When I start to feel stuck or confused about what color to use or what pattern would be best, I found it is helpful to pause, leave the room and take a break.  This time away from the image helps to make it easier to view the image more objectively and to come up with ideas to move forward.  I even find that waiting until the next day to work on the image, will  give me a fresh point of view.  These breaks allow me to move forward with new ideas.

Copic Marker Rendering Tip #1:  I had an opportunity to use my new Copic blending purple makers when rendering  the side chair. They come in a package of three and are markers V20, V22 & V25.  I found they work successfully to create a value from light to dark.  I also used marker Y28 with V22 on the flooring and sofa pattern.  These are close in value and the colors work successfully together.  Click on the link to find them at my favorite supply store. Find a HUGE selection of drawing materials at BLICK!


Mountain House Front Door Rendering

R B front door colorI was inspired to create an image of this old front door from a home that visited while in the mountains.  The door was actually salvaged from another building.  It had quite a bit of character and was higher than a typical front door. I took a snap shot that was used as a visual reference while completing the image back at the house.  While working on adding the marker color,  I challenged myself to do this with confidence and without hesitating or second guessing myself.

Amateur Commune Blog

Just discovered a wonderful blog filled with images called Amateur Commune.  Yiwei Peng is an urban sketching artist, photographer, violin player and traveler.  Here are three images that I find very successful and interesting.  Check this site out!

Post 1Post 2Post 3

Architectural Line Drawings by T-Soup Design Studio

draw1What a great line drawing of a residential home. This is from the T-Soup design studio.  The design features are illustrated using a contrast of the dark windows and roof line against the light value of the house. Notice in the sky area above the house there is an addition of a very light value that frames the house image.

Tsoup (T-Soup) is a registered professional rendering, illustration and architectural design studio. They work for a variety of clients and produce work in a wide range of mediums and styles with their office in Newark, New Jersey.  Tim Sullivan is principal of the group.  Below is a hand sketched one-point perspective porch design also found on their website.  This drawing gives us a feel for the space and I find the plants to be a  great addition to the image. Take time to view other illustrations and designs by visiting their website.


Hand Drawing Inspiration from Connie Riik Designs

Bedroom with bookshelfInterior designer Connie Riik , from Jacksonville Beach Florida, has graciously offered her design work for me to use as inspirations for my drawings.  I admire her designs and use of finishes and textures.  In this extra bedroom, she has designed a built in cabinet which successfully provides a decorative architectural feature that also functions for storage space.

For this image, when rendering the texture and pattern, my goal was to have a variety of each with contrasting values.  Notice the bedspread pattern was drawn with lightly dashed lines and the dust ruffle with thin parallel lines.  The top pillow was drawn with a suggested floral pattern and the two back pillows along with the headboard has parallel lines in different values.  The open book shelf accessories are highlighted with pattern and a suggested shadow was drawn with parallel lines on the inside.

Interested in seeing more of her work?  Check out her portfolio at the website CSR Interiors.

Floor Plan and One-Point Perspective Line Drawing

Floor Plan 1-PointAn important step to drawing an interior perspective space, is to start with a scaled floor plan.  This will assist you in becoming oriented to the room and you will have a visual guide for your perspective drawing.  The floor plan shows the organization of the space, architectural features, placement of the furniture and accessories.  Taking time to add texture and pattern to this drawing will assist in planning ahead for you perspective drawing to include contrasting values and a variety of patterns.  Notice in these examples the variety of patterns includes a floral pattern on the sofa, a wood pattern on the flooring and door frame and a geometric boarder on the carpet.

Rendered 1 Point A