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Stephanie’s Gallery Experience

Take a couple of minutes to hear the experience I had showing my work at a gallery open.  Here are some tips on over coming the stumbling blocks when taking your art work out of the studio.  You may need to turn your volume up, there was activity going on around me when I made the video.  Enjoy!

Marker Rendering Video Demonstration Lamp with Table

2 Lamp Rendering CropWant to see a demonstration of how I rendered this image with Copic Markers?  Check out the 2o minute video clip found below.

Interior Rendering with Copic Markers

Desk BWorking with Copic markers to practice rendering my interior line drawings.

Desk & Colors AHere are a couple of techniques I use when learning to render with a new medium. The color selection stays small.  Only two hues where used in this image, red & green which are complimentary to each other.  Also added is cool, warm and brown tones.  They each have a gradation of value.

I will also take time while I am rendering, to create a color chart. This includes a color sample color and it’s Copic number. This chart is a great reference for me as I am seeing how the marker color looks on the page.

Quick note on creating contrast in this image, I was careful to render the desk with a very light value and without any texture or pattern.  This creates a high contrast with the flooring and wainscot which surrounds the desk. Notice these architectural elements have a darker value with rendered pattern and texture.


Sofa Marker Rendering with Copic Markers

Sofa jars plants N1I am excited to be getting started with my goal this year which is to be improving my marker rendering techniques. This February, I attended two Copic workshops learning more about this product and marker techniques.  I look forward to creating new step-by-step video demonstrations focused on this topic.

Sofa jars plants Scan N1 Here is a technique that I am using to practice before starting the rendering process.  On the bottom of drawing page, I am adding 1″ X 3/4″ squares to explore different colors and patterns for each of the finishes and noting the marker colors that were used.  This is providing me with a great visual color rendering reference for the future.  Watch out for more on this topic!

Adding Pattern to Sofa

6 Sofa patternHere is an illustration of a one-point perspective sofa demonstrating steps for adding a fabric that has a horizontal and vertical pattern.  Before drawing the pattern, it is helpful to draw a grid in perspective to use as a visual guide.  The grid is added by drawing vertical guidelines that are equidistant apart from the top to the bottom of the seat back.  In a one-point perspective the flat front of the furniture piece is an elevation which is measurable. Next, at the point where the pattern guideline meets the seat pillow, add perspective guidelines, using the single vanishing point drawing the angled lines.  Where these guidelines meet the end of the seat pillow, draw vertical lines on the flat front.  Estimate the horizontal lines of the grid.  Now you can draw the fabric pattern in perspective using the grid as a visual guide.  Below is the finished image with the sofa.  Notice the next image below shows each of the patterns and textures that were included in this finished drawing.

Sofa Texture Boarder4 Pattern sofa

Line Drawing Interior Accessories

Lamp with Mirror AEnjoyed practicing adding texture and pattern to these table top accessories.  The goal was to have a variety of rendered patterns which included using a combination of line and stippling.  I also created contrasting values with the items that were overlapping.

Line Drawing Office Bedroom

8 Bed fold up

I enjoyed rendering this office bedroom space.  The combination of hard and soft surfaces provided a variety of textures to render.  The wood surfaces provided a darker value against the light walls and soft surfaces.

Using spaces for multiple tasks is a successful way to design for the future. This office and bedroom design successfully used a small space that has two distinct functions.  It is easy to image the bed being folded back into the wall and an office chair being added to the space.  This was space was designed by Eric Islas who has a wonderful website with many other successfully designed interior spaces.  Take time to check this out! Erica Islas – EMI Interior Design.