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Rendered Floor Plan Sketch

4 Floor plan sketchThe addition of surface rendering to floor plans provides an opportunity to show the pattern and texture of the building elements and furnishings.  In this quick sketched rendered floor plan of a bedroom, it has a stippling pattern representing the texture of the carpet.  There are lines and dots for wood grain and horizontal squiggled lines representing the fabric on the bed. Notice around the floor plan, I doodled around drawing different table tops, plants and flooring finishes.

Check out this six minute video where I talk about these texture and patterns.

Sketching to Generate Ideas

Quick Sketch 2Preliminary sketching can be used as a creative strategy for generating ideas.  Often while sketching out an image, ideas for the composition will pop into my head. Moving my pen over the paper will generate more ideas than just looking at pictures.  I think there is something about being in motion that assists ideas in coming up.  What about you?  Do you hand write notes or doodle sketches in the preliminary stage of exploring new ideas? What about trying this before going to the computer to organize these ideas?  Notice the shifts and changes from the preliminary sketch to the finished image below.

6 Perspective Drawing Option A Sofa

Drawing Two-Point Perspective Table Legs

Check out these two drawings that show how the legs were drawn on a two-point perspective table.  Note the second vanishing point is off the page and the dotted lines represent perspective guide lines from the vanish point.

Table Perspective 2The finished drawing above shows the darker side plane used the right vanishing  point (RVP) and the lighter side plane uses the left perspective point (LVP) to draw the leg shape.  This is true for the sides of the legs that are underneath the table top.  The drawing below, which was drawn first, shows the perspective guide lines creating the table leg shape on the ground.  Think about the parallel planes as you are drawing furniture in two point perspective.

Table Perspective 1

Drawing One-Point Perspective Furniture

One Point OttomansI am always looking for visual ways to communicate the properties of perspective drawing to my students.  In a one-point perspective drawing, the furniture piece will have a flat front and the sides of the piece will be drawn using the single vanishing point and perspective guide lines.  The pattern of the material on the flat front is to scale meaning there is not any perspective distortion. The sides and top of the ottoman fabric pattern uses the perspective guide lines.

Table perspective three

When drawing case goods it is important to get the legs drawn correctly using the perspective guide lines. Depending on where the location of the piece is to the vanishing point will determine what side of the piece will be seen.  Notice in the table to the left will show the right side of the legs and the table on the right will show the left side of the legs.  Want to learn more about drawing furniture in perspective?  Check out my book Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing.

Mick Ricereto’s Perspective Image

tamarind-hillsWow!  Just discovered Mick Ricereto who is a in interior design and product consultant from Baltimore, Maryland.  It is inspiring for me to review his successful hand drawings and marker rendering style.   In the two point perspective rendering above, he uses a low horizon line and shows a third wall along with the ceiling design.  He has a light touch with his rendering style, keeping white areas which gives the image some sparkle.  He is an expert at capturing the reflective material.  He has an interesting blog and a website chock full of awesome renderings and designs, Mike Ricerto – Interior + Product.


Marker Rendering Sofa and Stairs 2

Sofa & Stairs Yellow EmailHere is the second marker rendering of this interior space.  I can improve my skill level by rendering the same image again using different colors and textures.   Repetition is a great practicing tool for me.  When I am familiar with an image, it is easier to focus on the color and rendering aspects.  This room was designed by Connie Riik who is a Jacksonville Beach interior designer.  Check out the interior design work at her website CSR Interiors.

Drawing Plant Video Demonstration

Want to learn more about drawing realistic plans?  Check out this 7 minute video with step by step instruction to draw the image below. Grab your sketchbook, drawing pencil and follow along!

Plant Activity

Salzburg Urban Line Drawing

Salzburg Opera House Image 2Here is a line drawing that I completed while traveling back to Florida from Austria. I was captivated with this image on the cover of a brochure that I had in my travel bag.  It was great to use as my inspiration and easy to work with sitting on the tiny airplane seat for many hours.  Salzburg Opera House CoverThe photograph was taken by Luigi Caputo and was on the cover of the opera brochure Salzburger Festispiele..  I did contact Luigi by email to get his thumbs up about using his image for the drawing and posting it on my blog.  He has a wonderful website with other exciting photographs.  By the way, check out the Salzburger Festispiele website too, it is very dynamic and has great opera videos.

Sketches of interiors

Table & Pictures 2When do you find time to practice your drawing skills?  I keep a sketch pad, pencil, eraser and drawing marker right next to where I sit in the evens at the house.  I can easily do a quick sketch at the end of the day.  Sometimes these images are discombobulated and yet it is always good for me to be practicing my drawing.

These drawing get started with a light pencil so I can check the proportions.  Next a medium tip drawing marker goes right on top of the light pencil and I like to adjust the image as I drawing.  A thin tip marker is used to add the texture.

The goal is to have a variety of texture and contrast of value in the image. A good example of this can be seen in the first drawing with a light value on the wall and the darker value of the table against it. This contrast is important.  I think the second drawing below was not as successful with showing a change in value and a variety of texture.  Notice the values are all too similar, they are from the middle range.  There are no light values that are close to white. Without the value contrast everything blends together.  If the chest had been a light value the image would have been improved. The textures used are all similar, dots and dashes which is not very interesting.  Maybe next time!

Table & Chair 2

Marker Rendered Floor Plans

Lindsey CarterI am appreciating the good work that my marker rendering students are doing at Florida State College at Jacksonville this summer.  Most of the students have no back ground in marker rendering techniques and yet they are courageously taking the time to learn this skill.

Jacqueline Liberio 1At week #3, the students were assigned to render this floor plan unifying the image using color along with creating interest with a variety of different textures and patterns.  Each hue or color needed to be repeated throughout the image.  Here are five different interpretations of the assignment.  Starting at the top, the rendering image was completed by Lindsey Carter, Jacqueline Liberio, Jennifer McCollister, Katey Pasco and Amanda Thornton.

Jennifer McCollisterIt is fun to see the different styles and flavors that each student naturally bring to their work.  They continue to develop this style during the semester.  Teaching hand drawing and rendering has shown me that everyone expresses themselves visually with  their own unique  “hand” style.  I think we are attracted to hand drawn images because of the distinctive expressive quality that each drawing shows.

Katey Pasco 1Amanda Thornton 1