Try this Right/Left Brain Activity

Fun Right/Left Brain Activity.  Check it out!

What did you learn?

4 responses to “Try this Right/Left Brain Activity

  1. Prof. Stephanie,
    I did the activity and I found that I am 58% left brain and 42% right which is something I thought it would be after reading your first post in this category. Thank you for posting the link I really enjoyed taking the test.

    Samantha C

    • Hello Sam, I enjoy learning more about myself and it assist with my managing the world around me. glad you took the test. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Prof. Stephanie, I really liked this article. When designing something, I always try to think in terms of flow, creativity, and function. This post helped me to understand more about why I do this. I also did the activity, and found that I am more Left brained than right brained.

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