Noodling and Doodling to Remember

Do you find yourself doodling on your agenda page while sitting in a meeting?  Are you able to retain information better when you are taking notes even if you don’t refer back to these notes?

Tactile-Kinesthetic learners are often more successful getting physically involved in whatever is being taught or presented.  Sketching, note taking or doodling are good technique for tactile-kinesthetic learners to remember what is being presented.

Noodling around in a department meeting.

I enjoying making quick sketches while I am at meetings.  I don’t find this distracting.  It is a technique for me to listen and remember more successfully. This sketch was drawn on paper with a pen.

iPad sketch with finger using Adobe Ideas

Just discovered Adobe Ideas for noodling around on the iPad.  The challenge was using my finger as the drawing tool. One of my student’s introduced this to me.  I am excited to have another place to play around with sketching.  I look forward to getting a stylist to use rather than my finger.

3 responses to “Noodling and Doodling to Remember

  1. Mildred carrasquillp

    Very interesting I would like to do that.

  2. The word noodling for me refers to the action of playing around with ideas or plans. I will often start in one direction with a plan, shift and go in another as the plan is being decided. This is noodling around. When I am noodling it allows me to change and shift, to recognize that nothing is finalized, there is still room to move and change.

  3. I must be a tactile-kinesthetic learner myself. During the last class I recalled how many times over my life I have been in trouble for doodling in text books and on the cover of notebooks for other classes. Now I am being taught to do just that on purpose! 🙂

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