Got Whack Pack App?

Whack Pack by Roger von Oech

Start your day with an inspirational creativity word and activity card.  This morning, mine was “Make it Fun”.  The card had ideas on ways to use this topic in the creative process along with questions that I answered about how I could add fun to my own creative journey.  I used the note pad to capture my ideas which I then emailed to myself.  How fun is that!

Roger von Oech, one of my favorite creativity thinkers, has a new app called Whack Pack.  There is a card for the day with inspirational ideas and ways to apply this to your world.  His book “A Whack on the side of the Head”  has been a reference for me. for years, with activities to jump start the creative process.  He has practical suggestions for cultivating the creative process in your life.

Check it out!

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