Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron holds my hand as I travel on my creative journey.  I first became familiar with her point of view after reading “The Artist Way” in 1995.  Her insight into methods for meeting the creative challenges still provide support and inspiration for me today.  I continue to thank her for teaching me to keep my own critical voice silent and move successfully through stumbling blocks.

The Artist Way

From her website:  The Next Chapter in Unblocking Creativity, The Artist’s Way began with author Julia Cameron sharing her ideas with a few artists in her living room. Now after selling almost 4 million copies of The Artist’s Way and more than two decades of teaching her creativity tools around the world in lecture and workshop form, Julia is taking her teaching online. She’s thrilled to introduce Julia Cameron Live: An online course and artists’ community based on The Artist’s Way

I recommend her philosophy and approach to working through any insecurities that you might have with reaching your creative potential.  Have a look at her website.

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