Barry Blitt hand drawing illustrations

One of my favorite illustrators, Barry Blitt, was interviewed on Fresh Air from WHYY:  NPR Monday, Feb. 20th.  His  drawings can be found on The New Yorker covers.  His illustrations are often focused on our president, political individuals and current events.  Here is one of his cover designs on the January 2, 2012 of The New Yorker.

His hand drawing technique are inspiring to me.  In his interview with Terry Gross, he talked about drawing his illustrations only by hand with pen and ink on watercolor paper.  I think he communicates his humor and point of view with this drawing technique.  I admire how he is able to successfully add value, shade and shadow and color by using ink.  I find this to be a challenging technique with a water medium like ink.

He went on to say, he has been introduced to the idea of using Photoshop and yet right now, he continues to use a hand drawing and coloring method for his illustrations.  He did mention  he is often unsatisfied with his artistic results. He appreciates the quick deadlines that come with working on magazine covers which will assist in finishing a drawing.  I too appreciate a deadline for the opportunity to finish up a piece.

Check out his website:  Barry Blitt.  I found it to be unique and humorous.  The site design was designed with his hand drawings.  At his site you click on images to navigate through it.

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