Value demonstrated in Peilli Wang’s Drawings

I am appreciating Peilli Wang’s drawing and his rendering style. Let’s take a close look at how he uses the elements and principles in his drawings.

His use of variety of value successfully creates an interesting illustrations using contrast.   Notice in this line drawing  the headboard is dark and the pillows are light which attract our eye to this area.  The pencil strokes on the wall area create interest and have a gradation of value.  Nice drawing technique.

He is also skilled in adding color to his images.  The medium of this image to the left, is watercolor. I find this medium can be challenging with controlling the movement of water on paper.  In this rendering he skillfully leave lighter values and white areas that contrast with the darker areas.  He adds pen strokes for texture and value. There is shade on the furniture and shadow on the floor. Notice the highlights on top of the pillows and the reflection of the lamp on the wall to the right this is showing the wall as a slick, shiny surface. Very nice!

 The medium in the floor plan and elevation shown is marker.  One key difference in this medium is the marker strokes that you can see on the floor surface.  He uses this linear texture to be a part of his rendering.  Even in his floor plan he continues to show contrasting value in shadows on the flooring and light coming in through the window.  Again, he leaves untouched white ares to give sparkle and add highlights.

This elevation  incorporates the marker strokes into the rendering of the cabinets.  The strokes become part of the rendering process.

Isn’t he just awesome? Want to see more?  At his website, you can view more of his architectural renderings and illustrations.

One response to “Value demonstrated in Peilli Wang’s Drawings

  1. deserie rodriguez

    sir i hope i can also be as good as you are. I’m currently taking up B.S. Architecture here in the philippines and im still struggling.

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