Hand-drawn Renderings Personlize Design

Here is an interesting point of view about how hand drawings.

“For the busy designer who wants a really professional presentation, renderings done by hand are becoming a rarity.  So why bother using them? Because people relate to them!   Cad drawing will illustrate your design, but hand-drawn renderings personalize them.

Clients relate to hand-drawn work; it is more evocative of what living in the room will be like.   It is the difference between off-the-rack and truly custom.  Hand-drawn renderings can incorporate your client’s personal objects in an artful personal presentation.”

These quotes comes from Suellen’s Art Works website.  They are a multi-spectrum art studio specializing in commissioned art, house portraits, architectural drawing, construction drafting, and kitchen design.

“Working drawings render beautifully in pencil on vellum paper, and are easily reproduced.”

Plan to visit the website!

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