iPAD Airport Drawing

I found myself trapped in airports up the east coast this week as I traveled to a conference.  So what do you do while you wait for your flight?  Fortunately,  my iPAD came in handy as I started to explore the Adobi Ideas drawing app.  The goal was to complete an image with a sofa which is shown above.

How did I get there?  The first stage starts with light contour lines to place the major objects, taking time to check proportions.

The next image shows  added interior features and plants.  The sofa and pillows have value and texture too.  You will notice originally there were two pictures on the left side of the room.  These got too complicated  for me to fit in and they were taken out in the final drawing.

The shade and shadow was slowly added.  I find this to be a challenge part of rendering, kinda scary.  The darker shadows seem out of place and yet when they are added, it improves the drawing.

Here is the screen that you have when working with Adobe Ideas.  I like that the tools are on the left side which makes for easy access when drawing.  The tools are organized on this band, starting at the top, with drawing tool, the eraser, the undo, the diameter of the pencil, the opaqueness of the color and the color options.

When learning a new technique, it works best for me to keep it simple.  In this drawing,  only one color hue was used.  It was enough to play around with the opaque feature, diameter of the point and yes, the eraser. The next step will be to use the layering feature and add more colors.

Try it!  You might like it!

5 responses to “iPAD Airport Drawing

  1. Mildred Carrasquillo

    Thank you for always share your knowledge and all the things would help us to get better designers. I just got an Ipad 3 for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to try Adobe Ideas. 🙂

  2. Marina Marjanovic

    I never thought the iPad would work for something like this, but apparently it does. I really enjoy your blog, Prof. Stephanie. There is so many things on here to learn from. It is just amazing. I think I will soon make my own blog, to try it out, but also share ideas and receive feedback. Thank you for opening my eyes to blogs. 🙂

    • So glad you are excited about blogs and how they are providing formation to us. I think blogs represent our future for sharing information on specific topics. Hope you have signed up to follow the blog and get an email notice when there are new postings. Prof. Stephanie

  3. What a great way to be productive while waiting inbetween flights! It’s a great window of opportunity to practice the time and effort that goes in to creating a good drawing. I enjoyed reading the steps you described, especially about shading.

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