SketchUp Start + Hand Rendering Finish

Jim Leggitt - blog image

Jim Leggett is an expert at drawing shortcuts.  He has a book, a website and a blog full of drawings techniques with video demonstrations and suggestions for successful rendering.

Check out his blog page which demonstrates how to start a drawing with SketchUp and use hand rendering to finish it.

Quote on his website:  “Recognizing the lack of drawing self-confidence in design students and architects, Jim Leggitt has reintroduced traditional hand drawing skills to our profession, teaching architects effective hand drawing skills and using digital technology in a highly innovative visualization process.”

Click here to go to his website.

2 responses to “SketchUp Start + Hand Rendering Finish

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    Jim Leggitt is also very talented. I love how he took a photo and used sketch up and Photo shop to creat images. They almost look like they are watercolored images.

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