Michelle Morelan’s Interior Renderings

Michelle Morelan is an interior designer and illustrator from Vancouver Island.  I am appreciating several aspects of her drawing technique shown in this image.  One is her use of white space in her images.  The other is that she will shift the room point of view to be lower that a typical eye level. Plan to visit her website Michelle Morelan Design to see her wonderful renderings.

She creates her images by combining technology, hand drawing and rendering.  What a great way to utilize the efficiency of computer technology  along with the personal touch that hand drawing and rendering gives an image.  Her first layer is a perspective drawing of the space which is developed on the computer with SketchUp.  On top of this drawing, she creates a line drawing by hand.  Color and texture is added with marker.  On her blog, A Schematic Life, you will see several video clips where she demonstrates her technique.  You can learn more about her background and philosophy of design.  Check this out!

You might be interested in seeing  Jim Leggitt post who also uses SketchUp to start his images.

4 responses to “Michelle Morelan’s Interior Renderings

  1. ltatum1007@yahoo.com

    I enjoyed looking at her sight. I thought the box with samples, renderings and ideas was a great idea to give to your client.It was also interesting to see the sketch up design come to life with color.

  2. thanks for the link and the kind words!!


    • You are welcome, I find your renderings to successfully show the color and style of your designs. I teach a rendering class at Florida State College at Jacksonville and we appreciate viewing your work.

  3. What a cool designer! Love her technique.

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