Demonstrating Line Drawing of a Sofa

I enjoy having the opportunity to practice my own drawing skills when demonstrating drawing techniques in class.  These three images are part of a one-point perspective drawing demonstration using a sofa as the subject.

We started with the large rectangular box which was divided into quarters on the outside.  This grid provided us with assistance in drawing the correct proportions for the image.  The first shape drawn of the image was the front of the trunk.  The top was added with the sides moving back in perspective.  We drew the contour lines of the sofa and then the accessories behind the sofa.

Before adding details to the image, we practiced the fabric rendering on a separate sketch page.  The fabrics selected show a variety of pattern adding interest to the image.

We added drawing marker on top of the pencil drawing.  Adjustments and changes were easily made as we finalize the drawing. The rendering of the fabric finishes were added next.  Finally the pencil lines are erased to finish the drawing.

4 responses to “Demonstrating Line Drawing of a Sofa

  1. Jacqueline Liberio

    I was happy to see this post because it is so similar to the exercises we have been doing in class. I like the use of detail in terms of shadow and texture. The pillow designs and couch fabric make the trunk and lamp shade stand out more. The pen is a nice touch and helps define the lines to make the image sharper and cleaner. Happy to have learned these techniques so that I can practice to improve my skills. Thank-you Professor Sipp.

    • Hello Jackie, I appreciate your comments and I am very pleased to know that you are enjoying the steps that we are taking in class to improve your hand drawing skills. Look forward to continuing the journey as the semester progresses. Prof. Stephanie

  2. The steps in Line Drawing have always interested me. To think of how a simple sketch that’s loose and all over the place turns in to a crisp tight structured drawing has always made me think of how an idea becomes reality.

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