A New Urban Sketching Book

Wow! Do I get jazzed up when I find a new drawing book that provides me with inspiration. “The Art of Urban Sketching, Drawing on location around the world” by Gabriel Campanario is just amazing.  This book has more than 500 illustrations drawn on location by urban sketchers from around the world.  I am excited about expanding my own drawing skills, learning about other artists and seeing different sketching techniques.

Here is a quote from his book, About the Author, “Campanario is a staff artist at the Seattle Times  and founder of the Urban Sketchers, (www.urbansketchers.org) a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the art of on-location drawing.  Campanario”s newspaper column, “Seattle Sketcher,” was awarded first place for blog writing in The Best of the West journalism contest.”  Plan to visit the urban sketchers blog and Campanario’s blog The Sketch Journalist.

This book has already inspire me to gather my drawing supplies, pack a lunch, put the dog on a leash and head out to experience my own drawing on-location in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.  See ya later!

2 responses to “A New Urban Sketching Book

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  2. This book looks like fun. I went to the blog you have linked and love that people all around the world are into sketching. I hope they all come to this blog because it is very informative and detailed.


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