Sketching Adventures by Liz

Just discovered a wonderful artist who has several cafe interior watercolor sketches.  The image above is by Liz Steel from Sydney, Australia.  This is her favorite tea room, can’t you just feel how active this shop is from her sketch? In this image there are several points of view.  If you look closely, you will see in the foreground an intimate view of a chair and pillows, along with the tea and snacks.  In the background there is a view of customers in the cafe and on the top right corner there is a floor plan.  Now this is an image that tell a story!

Here is another interior cafe watercolor.  Her blog is called Liz & Borromini, The Sketching Adventures of Liz Steel and Borromini Bear.

It is important when learning hand drawing to allow yourself to practice and play around as you explore your own technique. I am appreciating how Liz uses her sketches to learn about her subject with informal doodling before taking time to complete a more finished image. I find this sketch book page really does feel like she is on a sketching adventure.  What about bring this attitude of adventure, play and exploring to your sketching time?  Be sure to check out her other drawings on her blog.

6 responses to “Sketching Adventures by Liz

  1. I love this concept and her style! What an exciting client presentation these sketches would make!

    • Hello Shelly – I thought so too! I wanted you all to see Liz’s style as an example of visual communication. Glad to get your comment. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Megha Chokshi

    Megha Chokshi – I loved this concept of hand drawing the ideas and making them come alive. She took little pieces of her puzzle which was the overall them of her design and hand drew them on this sketch. You got to see how she was getting from point A to point B to point C. I think it was fabulous and I loved the drawings were neat and messy at the same time, not perfect but it is a self reflection on her self to get what she needs to get out there but makes it still so beautiful. Great Idea. I am really inspired and hope I can get ideas like that out there more in my creative process.

    • Thank you Megha for your comments about my drawing process. I am impressed with your ability to describe these images and the progress that they make. I am not as effective talking about this process as you are! I am practicing my writing communication skills as I post on this blog.
      I believe that you will continue to learn to sketch and communicate your design ideas as you move through the program. You are already successfully showing ideas with photographs in your assignments.
      Prof. Stephanie

  3. HI Stephanie – thanks for the kind post and you have a very very interesting blog here…which I will start to follow!

    • Hello Liz,
      Great to hear from you and thank you for your note. I am pleased to having you follow the blog and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Take care – Stephanie

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