Demonstrating Line Drawing of a Chair

I enjoy demonstrating the steps of drawing an interior image in my classes.  These demonstrations are quick drawings that provide an opportunity for me to practice my own drawing skills.

Here is a lesson using a photograph as the starting point for a drawing.  This is an antique chair that came from my grandmother which has an Empire style.  When I took the photograph, I was careful to position the chair with a two-point perspective view with the front corner as the leading edge.  I also moved it to a space that provided a simple background.

I made a photocopy of the image and  divided this photocopy into a grid that was about 1″ X 1″.

In my sketch book, using very light lines, I drew a grid with the same proportion that was on the photocopy.  Using this grid as a guide, I drew the contour lines of the chair.  When I had the outline of the chair, I erased the grid and drew the cabinet behind the chair and the floor texture.

Using a drawing marker, I redrew the image right on top of the pencil drawing.  I adjust the drawing as I went along. This provided me the opportunity to make improvements on the drawing.  Using stippling and lines, I added texture was to provide value and pattern.

You can see this is a quick, unrefined sketch that still has some pencil marks on it.

2 responses to “Demonstrating Line Drawing of a Chair

  1. It’s funny how after having Perspectives with you, I see all of my furniture differently…and rooms have this imaginary grid to them too! The use of stippling in this really helped add to this and make it feel like the real thing.

    • Hello Taylor – glad that perspective drawing class assisted you in seeing your world differently. I think this will assist you with your own designing and visual communication skills. Prof. Stephanie

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