iPad Drawings by France

Here are several iPad drawings by France Belleville-Van Stone from her blog called Wagonized.  I really like that she fits her drawing time into her busy family life.  Here is the quote about the drawing above  “This evening, I had a few minutes to kill on the parking lot of the school where I work, so I doodled the front on the iPad — there were cars obstructing the view, but as I often do, I carefully avoided drawing them :-)”

This is the quote about this drawing “Thursday night and this afternoon, I drew in plein air, taking the iPad outside.  Today during our daughter’s nap, I took a few minutes to draw what my husband was making — a big mess, really, but one with a vision!  An upcoming patio, fireplace, and pergola.  Paper app for the iPad.”

Really like how the shadows are accented with a grey value and there is just a touch of orange which highlights the iPhone.  Check out her blog site.

8 responses to “iPad Drawings by France

  1. Terry Lynn Pasko

    I posted my comment earlier, but it doesn’t seem to have sent. So, here I go again.
    I love Frances I-Pod sketched, particulary the backyard patio – “in processes.” It reminds me of the work my husband does after we start a job. I have often wondered if our clients think, “What a mess!” Maybe I should start adding an “under construction” sketch to my presentation so our clients don’t want to run for the hills befor the project is complete.

    • Hi Terry- enjoyed your comment and you are right “under construction” is a great way to let people know that project have a process and don’t always look right as they are being done. I had a student who put this on the cover of her portfolio as she was getting feedback and working on it. This helped her ask questions and talk with designers about her work without the pressure of being completed. I also say that I am practicing with my drawing and this allows me to keep trying new subjects and reach my 80%.

  2. Amazing! I love these. Even her signature is great.

    • I was very attracted to her work also. The drawings are of everyday visuals and she her use of value and just a touch of color is successful.

  3. I just perused a ton of her work and I am so impressed. Her talent has certainly grown as a result of consistently plugging away at her craft!

  4. This is really great! I never knew you could do this on an ipad! Such a cool way to spend your time doodling but in a digital form. In this day and age we are so connected to our handheld devices and I love that this can be done on them.

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