Doodling Cylinder Shapes

Drawing cylinder shapes has always been a challenge for me.  In the drawing above,  I am playing around in my sketchbook practicing and doodling with cylinder shaped objects.  The hardest part of drawing realistic cylinder objects is getting the top and base ellipse shape to like correct. I often need to draw guidelines to get the shape and proportion keeping the object from getting discombobulated.

It was fun to use the sketchbook experience to come up with the next drawing theme “On the Desk”.  This theme gave me an opportunity to practice using a variety of cylinder shapes in one finished image drawn on smooth drawing paper.    I have fun adding texture and value to the image after the contour of the objects are looking good.

4 responses to “Doodling Cylinder Shapes

  1. Adina Pavlesich

    I have a lot of trouble with drawing cylinders too and have to rework them the most out of any shape. I love how on the finished drawing you changed the way the background is seen through the glass and water of specific cylinders- very well done as always!

    • Thank you Adina for your feedback. You know, I have seen some students who can naturally draw cylinders. Right away they can make beautifully shaped objects without any guide lines. So interesting for me. Got you check in as posting for class. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Jenn McCollister

    I really like this sketch a lot, all the texture is a nice touch. I agree it is hard to draw cylinders without the help of guidelines. Drawing cylindrical shapes was one of my favorites to learn in Perspectives class. I can remember doodling the coffee mug over and over, because once I understood how to draw them it was fun to just doodle with. It was definitely a great technique to learn!

    • Good to get your observations, glad you are taking advantage of the techniques that you are learning. Got you set up for the credit in class – Prof. Stephanie

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