Fun with 1-Point Perspective

My  goal for this set of drawings is to show different objects in one-point perspective above, below and on the horizon line.  I  started out by filling my sketch page drawing different objects with the uncritical mind.  These sketches are mini experiments using objects and playing around with them.  You will notice in each new sketch, objects are shifting or different ones are being added. The sketch below, has a row of light fixtures and the lap top is moved to the left side.  Each step is getting me closer to finding the right combination for a final drawing.

In the final drawing below, I took time to draw the objects in proportion and add texture.   I had to quite without finishing because I didn’t know what to add in the bottom right corner.  It took me until next day when I look at the drawing again, to come up with the idea of adding a fire hydrant.

2 responses to “Fun with 1-Point Perspective

  1. I like your posts on perspective. understanding it is so important in drawing communication in design. I can’t wait to work on it more.

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