Your Creative Brain

Your Creative Brain Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in your Life” is the latest book that has me all jazzed up about the creative process.  I have been studying, teaching and writing about the creative process since 2002.  This book has two exciting new aspects of the creative process. One is how the different areas of the brain connection to the creative process and the other part is the exercises, quizzes, and self-tests that helping enrich an individuals creative process.  Here is a quote from the books’ cover flap, “Everyone has the ability to increase mental functioning and creativity by understanding and putting into play seven brain activation patters Dr. Carson has coined the CREATES brainsets:  Connect, Reason, Envison, Absorb, Transform, Evaluate and Stream”.  Dr. Carson has a website about her brain research, her blog and there is the brainsets quiz that you can take. Definitely worth checking out!

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