Line Drawing Backyard

This was a fun two-point perspective image for me to draw.  I worked on it from a photograph that was printed out as an 8″ X 10″ image.  To assist with the proportions of the building features, I drew my image the same size.  I shifted the arrangement of the potted plants and added the bird bath for the composition.  To create interest in the image, I use a variety of line types and a range of values.

6 responses to “Line Drawing Backyard

  1. This is very impressive to me! I can really appreciate your variety of line type and weight. The screen door is very realistic, and the asymmetrical lines on the edge of the roof look make it look exactly like an older home – maybe sagging a little (in an endearing way!) What a great place! I would like to visit there 🙂

    • Hello Shelly, always fun to get your impression of these images. I am pleased that the variety of lines is working and yes, this is an older structure. Thanks!

  2. Amanda Thornton

    I love how through the variety of line types and range of values it gives the picture richness and invites you into the space and makes your eye delve into it looking at all of the elements.

  3. Lindsey Carter

    I love this two-point perspective sketch of the outdoors! Recently we’ve only been applying two-point to interiors, so it is fun to see it being utilized on outdoor features as well. I appreciate the building features being somewhat more structured in the drawing, with the foliage being somewhat more loosely drawn. I’m excited to try two-point on an exterior now!

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