Play as a Creative Strategy Video

Here is another video clip with a creative strategy that I made several years ago.  Unreasonable expectations can become a huge stumbling block when learning a new skill.  Do you find yourself being too critical as you are practicing your drawing skills?  What about imagining that you are back in a kindergarten class just playing around?  Check out this video called  “Losing the Referee”.

8 responses to “Play as a Creative Strategy Video

  1. I love this video! “Yes-and” totally applies to me. I suffer from that nasty little trait called perfectionism, so I will tell the “no” to be quiet because “yes” I can do it “and” I need more information to complete the task at hand.

    • Hello Lisa,
      Remind me to talk about the perfectionist in class that often can shut us down. The other side of this is that the perfectionist helps us do our very best with a project.
      Prof. Stephanie

  2. This is a great video. I love your energy and enthusiasm Professor Stephanie.. Don’t assume the outcome. Don’t be afraid not to know, and yes, and. attitude is everything. Whenever I feel uncomforable about performing a task, its usually because its new. I am learning to recognize the fear of not knowing and moving forward to get into the task so I can learn it and get comfortable.

  3. Adriana Johnson

    I’ve always had trouble keeping up with learning to draw because I wanted it to look like a pro. Your class is helping me know that it takes time and practice to be better and also just to go with it and have fun. I think it’s a very important to have positive thoughts with what your trying to achieve and you will fins your signature way of drawing.

    • Love your expression about your drawings “look like a pro.” That is such a stumbling block. One reason I like looking at other peoples drawings is because they are all so unique and not perfect. Prof. Stephanie

  4. I loooooovvveee this video! I often forget to allow myself to have fun while designing. I love the end result of effective problem solving, but not always the possibility of not knowing every detail. I loved playing with Legos as a child, because of the possibility of making whatever I wanted. I was also free to take something apart if it wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. Because of this, it led me to design. Now days, the unrealistic expectation of “getting things right the first time” is very prevalent. This video is a fresh reminder that it’s okay to not know all the details, and it’s okay to explore and figure them out.

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