Kayak Trip Watercolor Images

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a primitive camping kayak trip, at the tip of  Vancouver Island, several summers ago.  We spend our days kayaking and set up our camp sites in the evening.  We had wonderful experienced guides that supporting us during the trip.

I had small sketch pad and a watercolor box to play around with during the trip.  Here is a sketch was done at a lunch spot.  That evening, when we got settled in our camp, I redrew the image and added watercolor.   We carried all our supplies in the kayaks,  saw whales, eagles, sea lions and experienced a day kayaking in the rain.  We were totally isolated from the world for the week, not an electronic devise among us.  The image below was our last camp site called “Bob’s Landing”.  That evening, we saw a group of whales travel through close to the bank in the background.

10 responses to “Kayak Trip Watercolor Images

  1. I love the colors! The blue of the water is amazing.

  2. I love the way these colors go so well together, all of the colors are so rich and powerful, this is simply beautiful. Also, I love that it is painted in watercolors rather than acrylic or another product because it truly brings the painting to life.

    • Hello Dana, I agree that watercolor can be a beautiful way to add color to a drawing. I will also say that it is challenging to work with. Appreciate your comments- Prof. Stephanie

  3. A trip without any electronic devices sounds amazing. I think our creativity can definitely be stifled by our fast paced technology saturated world.

    I have never painted using watercolor. I use a lot of acrylic because I feel like I can control that medium better. I would say it’s time for me to try a little watercolor and “color outside the lines” so to speak.

    • Hello Lisa,
      I appreciate your observations and comments. I work to be careful to keep my technology as a tool and keeping my time commitment reasonable.
      Yes, watercolor is challenging for me to use. I do find the set up and clean up of watercolor to be very quick and this makes it easier for me to use.
      Prof. Stephanie

  4. Melissa Stevens

    These two works of art are simply beautiful! I feel as though I were there!! I love the muted colors. The landscape, the water and the boats are in harmony. Although the blue, red and yellow of the boats draw the eye, they do not over-power the scene.

    • Hello Melissa,
      Thank you for your encouraging comments about the kayak trip drawings. You did an excellent job describing these images with design vocabulary. Yea! Prof. Stephanie

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I love the idea of using hand drawing to document your life, trips, experiences, etc. It’s such a wonderful way of really caputuring the moment at the time versus using a camera. It’s much more personal, hands-on and almost takes you back to the experience so that you can relive it again.

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