DCA Conference Keynote Speakers and Workshop Presenters

Michael Chisamore, the DCA Newsletter editor, notes in Opportunities, that the DCA 2012 Conference is quickly approaching.  The conference theme challenges us to good discussions around “Graphic Quest: The Search for Perfection in Design Communication.”  It is exciting to see three keynote speakers this year, Professor David Hanser, Ph.D. (impressive book on French Architecture), Jim Leggitt and Friedrich St. Florian, along with four workshop presenters: Jim Leggitt, Professor Nathan Richardson, James Womack, RA, and Professor Henry Sorenson.

Jim Leggitt is especially active, out conducting “Drawing Shortcuts” workshops this summer in Denver and then in Rochester, New York in October right before joining us at the DCA conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  It should be a good time for all.  If you need to share a room at the conference, use the comment section below to help you connect with someone who is also going to the conference.

DCA Conference Keynote Speakers and Workshop Presenters.

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