Frank Gehry’s Creative Steps

I am fascinated with the creative process and how ideas are started and developed.  Frank Gehry  starts his design process with a conceptual sketch, he then moves to a working model and the final design is passed on to the computer for the drawings.  Above is the preliminary sketch for the Panama Puente de Vida Museo.  Below is a model of the finished structure from this sketch.

I find it significant that he utilizes his hand drawings and hand made models to develop his designs, before using the computer as a tool. He is a master at developing the structure’s design with his model by adding and subtracting different elements.  His process is similar to creating a collage, he cuts out shapes and adds or subtracts them as he is working with the building’s design.

Take time to view the two short videos below with Mr. Gehry, the first one is showing him and his work.  The second one was taken in his studio where he is demonstrating the process of cutting and posting paper to develop his architectural design.

2 responses to “Frank Gehry’s Creative Steps

  1. I love Frank Gehry! When I was in architecture school, I did a large project on him, and tended to be influenced a lot by him in my designs.
    Such a wonderfully, creative mind!
    ~Lindsey Carter

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