Austin Kleon Visual Thinking for Writers

I just discovered Austin Kleon who is a writer and artist from Austin, Texas.  I am especially interested to see that he is an author who uses visual thinking and mind mapping to assist with ideas for his writing.  The image above is his minding mapping image of NOVA/PBS What are Dreams?

Here is a description on his blog about visual thinking “What I’m trying to do when I make a mind map: I’m trying to construct a 2-D memory palace on paper. By making notes in a non-linear manner, by arranging images and words in space, I can SEE connections that would otherwise be impossible with just words written in sequence.” Check out this out  on his blog post.

He also is the author of Steal Like an Artist which is a New York Times best selling guide to creativity in the digital age. Check out the video below to learn what this is all about.

2 responses to “Austin Kleon Visual Thinking for Writers

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