Coffee Shop Inspiration

I find drawing cylinder shaped objects to be challenging.  The oval tops and containers often look discombobulated and out of shape. While walking my dog the other morning and passing our local coffee shop the Cool Moose Cafe & Bistro, I was inspired to use coffee containers as a theme to practice drawing cylinder shaped objects.

I started in my sketchbook playing around before working on the final drawing paper.  In the image above, I was drawing different mugs from the left to the right, adding a tea pot and a lemon at the end.  As I was working on this drawing, I was thinking about the arrangement of the objects for the finished image.  I did another quick sketch, shown below, adding the counter and window background of the coffee shop.

In the finished image on the top of the page, you will notice that the cups were switched around again, there is pattern on the counter top and a dark value was added to the background.  I did switch to a big thick black marker to fill in the background.

6 responses to “Coffee Shop Inspiration

  1. Very nice professor! I enjoyed the drawing.

  2. Jacqueline Liberio

    Cylinder-like objects trick me up when drawing too because for me my mind and eye want to work together. What I know about the object sometimes gets in the way with what I draw and it complicates things because it may not be something I can really see from that angle.
    I hope that made sense.
    Anyways, happy to see more of your drawings!

    • Yes, drawing cylinders is very challenging for me for sure. I am always practicing and working to get objects to look realistic. Prof. Stephanie

  3. I really enjoyed your sketches and the fact you’re taking a normal daily activity, like getting coffee and practicing to perfect your drawings! I need to start doing that as well. Thanks for sharing!

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