Sergio Rodrigues as an Inspiration

Sergio Rodrigues is a iconic Brazilian architect, interior designer and furniture designer.  I started learning about him when I found this delightful hand drawing of his interiors which is below.  In this rendering, I am especially attracted to the darker value that is used to render the flooring.  This is successful way to provide a base which highlights the lighter valued furniture pieces and objects in the space.  It is fun to see the the added human touch with the shoes by the chair, an open book on the chair arm and the glasses on the table.  It looks like some just left the room.

I learned more about Rodrigues from a post on The Good Blood, a Brazilian blog.  “Recognized for his architecture and interior design, Brazilian modernist Sergio Rodrigues is renown for his furniture, often executed with humor and whimsy: His Mole chair and sofa  is exaggeratedly fat with flaps of black leather; the Tonico chair and sofa  includes an oversize, belted bolster; and his Aspas  (Quotation Marks) chair is sometimes known as the Chifruda  chair, which roughly translates to a woman whose husband tends toward cheating.”  Here is a picture of Rodrigues in his famous Mole chair.

He was also featured in  Dwell magazine which included a wonderful slide show featuring him and his work.  Take time to learn about Sergio Rodrigues.

5 responses to “Sergio Rodrigues as an Inspiration

  1. Melissa Stevens

    S.Rodrigues seems like such a character. I like the ‘ponytail’ hole in the tall chair, very spur of the moment creativity. I like that the whole family is considered when he designs his furniture, even the pets. I love the detail of the nic-naks’ on the shelf behind the bed in hand drawing above. The overturned book, shoes and glasses laying about are wonderful touches as well.

    • I totally agree with you Melissa, he seems like a fun character. His furniture pieces are interesting, just like him! Good to get your comments.

  2. I think the black floor in the hand drawing is great, I really really like that. His furniture does not go with my style, but I really liked the whale bone chair and the low seated bright yellow chair with low arms. I thought his signature hole details and the ponytail story was funny and smart. His designs do not look like they would be comfortable, but I would snag the whale bone chair in a second!

  3. One of my favorite sketchers! @olgaart888 BR, OLGA Sorokina

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