Dividing the Box Shape to Find Proportion

How can you hand draw the correct proportion of a graphic design?  This noodle box drawing started with light guide lines creating a grid to determine the proportion of the design.

Here are two basic steps to this technique.  After drawing the outline of your box shape, divide this rectangular shape into half.  Starting with a diagonal line from corner to corner, creating an “X”. The center of the “X” is the half way point of your rectangular shape.  The second step is to draw lines through the center  horizontally  and vertically. This will divide the box into quarters.  Repeating these steps, in the same manner, will provide a proportional grid which can be used to locate the design of the box front.

These two drawings show how the light pencil grid created divisions and determined the location of the graphic design.

I enjoy playing around with using this technique in objects too.  You will find in Chapter 2 of my book “Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing, Fundamentals for Interior Design”  there is more information and demonstrations on drawing in proportion.

4 responses to “Dividing the Box Shape to Find Proportion

  1. Thanks for this post, it is very helpful with my perspective assignment!
    I’m going to try a noodle box too 🙂

  2. Wow is all I can say. I found this too cool not to post! Never seen that done before.

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