2-B-2 Architecture from Ukraine

Look what I found while searching for hand drawings of interiors. The  2-B-2 Architecture from Nikolaeu, Ukraine website.  It is exciting to see renderings by architects from another country.  I find these two drawings successfully show the design and flavor of the each space.  I am appreciating several aspects of the rendering style including the reflections shown on the floor, the shine that is rendered on the case piece, the shades on the floor and the variety of value.

18 responses to “2-B-2 Architecture from Ukraine

  1. Oh my goodness, those are incredible! Such talent…I feel like I could walk right into them! By the way, Professor, I love your symbol – the bird in the frame, and the linked S’s! -Shelly Neri

  2. Such attention to detail – Incredible!!

  3. Marina Marjanovic

    I love how detailed, yet very crisp and clean these hand drawing are.

  4. These renderings are so meticulous. I love the use of different values that really bring the different perspectives to life.

  5. Beautifuly done drawings! It’s interesting to see what the inside of apartments look like in modern-day Ukraine. My grandparents emmigrated from there and It’s amazing to see how far interior design has come.

  6. I found these two pictures absolutely amazing, especially the second one. The variety of value gave the space so much life and depth. It gave you the feeling that you were looking down into an actual space.

  7. These drawings are very well done. They are very clean and detailed. I enjoy googling images of different hand drawings and elevations. I feel as if these have helped me with my line weight and textures of different finished. Its interesting seeing the room structure of other countries. It is interesting that the bedroom has a door with glass on it. It is a door similar to those in my high school. I am not sure if this is typical in Ukraine or just for this design — which make me wonder if other countries design with function first in mind… Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! Very artistic, I love it! Thanks for the ideas too

  9. Very nice article. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wass very informative.

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