Two-Point Bookshelf Drawing Demonstration

The best way to successfully draw furniture in perspective is to see each component drawn step by step.  Here Two-point perspective demonstration video of drawing a bookcase that shows the steps of add the molding on the top and bottom, the front of three shelves and the back area.  Before the video starts, the rectangular shape of the bookcase was drawn with the horizon line through the center and two vanishing points at the edge of the sketchbook which is turned horizontally.  Check out how the details were added to the bookcase in perspective and try this yourself!

6 responses to “Two-Point Bookshelf Drawing Demonstration

  1. Jacqueline Liberio

    I can’t wait to practice more with different perspectives. I am looking forward to learning different drawing techniques. Already I can see that this class will help teach me to observe more about how big things are in relation to each other and also to help me focus in on details.

    • Glad you are jazzed up about the class. Yes, seeing proportion is a key component to drawing successfully. Your observation skill will improve as you work on the assignments. Yea! Prof. Stephanie

  2. Taylor LaMendola

    This video was so helpful! Being able to watch a short demonstration really helps me be able to fully understand what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m really excited to complete the two point perspective room project and hope it turns out well!

  3. Claudia Wright

    Such a tremendous help to see you go through the process. Baby step at a time, that’s the way to do it.

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