Interior Line Drawing with a Variety of Texture

Chair & orchid 1One of the important design elements in an interior line drawing is rendering texture which is the surface quality of an object.  In an image without the element of color,  a variety of texture and pattern is used to distinguish one object from another. It also shows value which is the range of light and dark areas.  Rendering to me, is identifying, imitating and expressing the flavor of a material. It gives interest and unique character to the image. To achieve a variety of texture and pattern, different types of lines can be used such as curved, broken and wavy along with dots or stippling.   Here are a few broken line and dot texture studies that will generate ideas.

Texture broken Want to learn more about texture, value and rendering?  Check out Chapter 4 in my book Exploring Perspective Hand DrawingTexture line dots, Fundamentals for Interior Design.

Texture line2

6 responses to “Interior Line Drawing with a Variety of Texture

  1. Hi Prof. Stephanie!
    I made a copy of this post to use for future reference in the Design Concepts class. Thanks for the great info. on rendering texture, and for the orchid/chair line drawing, which contains such a variety of textures and patterns to explore. I would like to see this one with the color marker applied, if you decide to add to it. I’m visualizing this with mossy greens and delicate pink and creamy yellow hues, but that might be the influence of the orchid in the piece!

    • Hello Laurel,
      Thank you for your post and I love how you are visualizing the colors for this drawing. I like that you are thinking about color and this will assist you as you put colors together for clients. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Lisa Mochalkin

    I love the this sketch. You can really see how much work and effort was put into this drawing. So many textures and patterns in this image. Its unbelievable what lines and curves can do to enhance a sketch. Thanks for this information.

    • Glad you enjoyed the posting with the variety of texture. I hope you will be inspired to practice adding texture to your drawings in class. Prof. Stephanie

  3. Amanda Thornton

    I love how the use of textures really makes the drawing pop and adds so much more character and life into it. And with this drawing you expressed those textures so wonderfully.

    • It is fun to have the time to add to your drawings. I agree that the image starts to “sing” as you add texture and pattern. Prof. Stephanie

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