Drawing Leaves for Plants

Leaf steps

One of the fun parts of drawing plants is to identify the distinct leaf shape and characteristic.  These characteristics include their shape, the veins, value on top of the leaf and on the back, the pattern and texture of the leaf too.  The image above is an activity from my book to get you started with drawing these characteristics.

Still life candle stick newI enjoy drawing plants and appreciate the organic quality that they bring to the image.  The leaves in this orchid were long, narrow with veins that paralleled the leaf shape.  They over lapped each other.  I started the plant shape in pencil to outline this overlapping.  When I added the marker, I was careful to draw this overlapping.  The blooms were small delicate star shapes that were on all sides of the stem.

Learn more about drawing plants in chapter 6 in my book Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing, Fundamentals for Interior Design.

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