Fabulous Seattle Sketcher


Wouldn’t you like a little free library in your neighborhood? I think the Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario, does the best job writing interesting articles that include his hand drawn, rendered images.  He has a column in The Seattle Times.  What a great combination, local news with drawings.  This image is from his article “Sketching field notes:  Researching little free libraries” .

In this drawing, I especially like that he shows his doodling ideas and notes on the side of the page.  I admire this “sketchy” flavor which is challenging for me to do.  I get caught up with getting the image polished and perfect.   Take time to read his article  and see the other images.

artofurbansketchingcoverYou might also be interested in his book The Art of Urban Sketching. It is packed with illustrations by urban sketchers from round the world. It is sure to provide inspiration for you to pick up your pen and start sketching!     Click here to learn more about this.

2 responses to “Fabulous Seattle Sketcher

  1. This is awesome Stephanie! Thanks for the heads up.

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