Jacksonville Florida Urban Skyline with Color

Jax Sky Line colorI was outside, across the river when I started this sketchy drawing of downtown Jacksonville Florida.   It was early in the morning, this past summer and I was able to sketch the buildings, the river walk and get the big picture on the page before it got too hot.  Back at the house, I finished the drawing in the air conditioning.  I added marker to the image over the holiday break.  The challenge for me this year, is to add color to my images.  I find markers are a medium that quickly add color to a line drawing.  Practicing my marker rendering will work out great since I fit my artwork time into a full schedule. It will be fun to play around with this.  Stay tuned for more!

13 responses to “Jacksonville Florida Urban Skyline with Color

  1. brad young's art

    very nice!

  2. I love it! The watercolor pictures of the kayak trip are still my favorite, but this is a very close second. The pencil sketch was excellent, but adding the color gives the drawing so much more feeling. It makes me think of a breezy summer day. The new year’s resolution to add more color was spot on. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you, you know color so quickly can bring up emotion. That is one of big advantages to adding color, the viewer becomes emotionally engaged and will stay with the image longer.

  3. I really love it! Quite realistic, yet fun!

    • Hello Shelly,
      Always fun to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. Isn’t it interesting that my images bring the word “fun” to mind. How is that? Take care – Prof. Stephanie

  4. Jacqueline Liberio

    Beautiful! I enjoy seeing how your art progresses through your blog. A blog is not only a social media outlet but it is also an organized account of your projects.

    While I enjoy seeing your drawings done on pen and paper, I would be interested in seeing what masterpieces you could create using a drawing tablet.

    Hope you have a good weekend!
    -Jacqueline Liberio

    • Hello,
      You are so right. This site is like a file box full of information that I am interested in. I like that you are noticing my progress and I am still not comfortable with the tablet as a medium. The story is not over yet! Prof. Stephanie

  5. I love this picture you’ve rendered together. I can’t wait until I be able to create something like that one day!

  6. I remember the original sketch in black and white. The markers add a new dimension and interest. I love this drawing. It catches my eye every time I scroll through. – Marianne

  7. I love this drawing Prof, especially your use of watercolor. Im terrified of markers, they just seem so permanent. But you did a great job, you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Liz,
      Good get your comment. I understand how markers can be scary. I am slowly getting familiar with using them. I am taking little steps at a time. Prof. Stephanie

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