One-Point Perspective Bookcase Demonstration

Check out this 6 minute video showing the steps to adding the inside of a bookcase in one-point perspective. Drawing furniture piece with shelves in perspective can be tricky. This video demonstrates how to use a single vanishing point, guidelines and other key points to drawing the inside of a bookcase correctly.

Want to learn more about drawing furniture in perspective?  My Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing, Fundamentals for Interior Design book has a chapter on drawing furniture.

5 responses to “One-Point Perspective Bookcase Demonstration

  1. Prof. Stephanie this is Sheila Stroud. As you know I so much love drawing and find your video very helpful with line drawing and getting the correct perspective. This inspires me to get my sketchpad out and draw more. I am looking forward to following your blog and viewing more videos.

  2. Just from this video, I’ve already learned a great deal! I thought that I did a pretty good job of drawing 3d objects freehand. Now I have a better process! It will take some practice to remember which sides to draw from and which corners to begin with. I’m also curious about where the vanishing points belong – are they arbitrarily placed?

    • I think instructional videos do such a great job and giving you an opportunity to learn new skills. Prof. Stephanie

  3. Taylor LaMendola

    I loved this video. It was very helpful to see one-point perspective illustrated so well. It is such a great demonstration of how to draw using a vanishing point!

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