Maria Soboleva Moscow Artist


It is exciting and encouraging for me to find hand drawings that are rendered of interiors.  Here are two images from Maria Soboleva, a Moscow artist, who posts her work at the flicker site Mashaf’s Photostream.  I am most impressed with the movement and sound that this images brings to me.  It is fun to see the architectural details and interior finishes. The image below has an dynamic, unique point of view and we get just a bit of a feel for the interior space too.


4 responses to “Maria Soboleva Moscow Artist

  1. A great find!! Her blog is a must see. Look for the trunk/box she painted on page 5, every surface is painted with a paris scene. The top is looking down on paris, the bottom is looking up from underneath the Eiffle Tower, the inside a paris apartment, and the four main sides are views of a city block. A very talented artist!!

  2. LOVE THIS! The top rendering reminds me of something i would have hanging in my bedroom. The image is so soft and beautiful!! My favorite aspect is the sheer curtain. It is so perfectly done and incredible that the window on a 2D surface has so many layers and so much dimension! The texture on the walls is perfect and i appreciate the amount of texture added to all pieces!

    The second image is dynamic! Scaled and proportioned just right for the extreme birds eye view, impressive!

    • Hello Chelsea,
      So glad you enjoyed this post. I think you can hear the music coming from the piano in the first image. How wonderful to be able to capture this in an image.
      Take care – Prof. Stephanie

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