Architectural Sketches


Sandy Morrison is an Edinburgh based architect who keeps a sketchbook. The image above is Razzo in St. Andrew’s Square and the title of his post is What Makes a Nice Place to Sit? You can see his awesome architectural drawings on his site Sandy’s Drawing Room, A Sketch Diary.  Here is a quote from his website, “I’ve always loved drawing but with a fairly busy life there isn’t much time for it. The sketch book is a way to fit drawing into daily life.”  There is a delightful flavor to his drawings.   The image below is Caledonia Road in London. I am especially interested to see how he keeps us engaged with just a small amount of color and the people in the foreground. Thank you Sketches & Jottings for introducing me to Sandy!


5 responses to “Architectural Sketches

  1. Great style! I love the colours

    • Thank you! And your work is AWESOME. Just took a quick glance. I would like to have a post with your work and a link back to your page.
      Take care – Stephanie

  2. Thanks Stephanie! That’s okay with me. The more people who see it the better!

  3. Amanda Thornton

    I really enjoyed looking at the sketches you provided from Sandy Morrison. I love how he uses the pops of color to draw your eye into the sketches to delve in for more details. I especially love how in the first sketch he shows more details of the people in the foreground while limited those in the background as simple outlines. What an amazing way to not only practice your drawing skills but to also take snapshots of your day through drawing.

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