Line Weight in Architectural Drawings

Here is a video that I created to show the different lines weights used in architectural drawing.  My information comes from the book, Design Drawing, by Francis D. K. Ching with Steven P. Juroszek.  You will discover more about this topic in the Pictorial Systems chapter.  Mr. Ching is a master at explaining and visually demonstrating architectural drawing systems. I highly recommend that you take time to explore his books and visit his  Seeing, Thinking, Drawing blog.

2 responses to “Line Weight in Architectural Drawings

  1. That video is very simple and easy to follow. It was straight to the point and this would be a video I would look back on when drawing furniture. Seeing it also helped me see how thick the lines actually need to be.

    • Hello Brenda,
      Great that you enjoyed watching the video and found it useful in learning about adding textures to floor plans. Prof. Stephanie

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