My Drawing Hero Gabriel Campanario

Look what I found!  An article on my drawing hero, Gabriel Campanario, The Seattle Sketcher.   He is an illustrator and journalist for the The Seattle Times. Below is an image of his sketchbook page.  The blog that hosted this article is called deux dilettenties.  It specializes in all things from Seattle and they interviewed Gabriel on March 21, 2013.


I am especially appreciating this quote by him in the article, “He looked surprised when we asked him about his style. Marking a pause, as if thinking about it, he finally answered, “I’m impatient. That’s why I draw fast, working around simple and spontaneous lines.” The drawing is not meant to be displayed on a wall; it’s a snapshot of a moment, perfect in its imperfections. “Sometimes the challenge is, how much can you tell with the minimum amount of lines?” How about that “perfect in its imperfections”!

Below is one of his awesome sketches found on his blog on March 22nd.  This article You Can’t Spell P-Patch Without Picardo is about Seattle’s  first community garden established in 1973.  His sketch images help me feel like I am right in the picture with him.  His stories and their locations come alive with his images.  Check out his work!


11 responses to “My Drawing Hero Gabriel Campanario

  1. love it! you’re so talented…

    • Let’s talk about talent and skill in class, this is a great conversation to have around drawing and visual expression.

  2. I really like this sketch. The motions used to create the drawing appear to be rather simple, yet they produce a very realistic and artistic rendering. Very nicely done!

  3. Hi Prof. Stephanie!
    I can see why you consider Gabriel as a hero. That quote about “perfection in imperfection” jumped right out at me. What a great description for the process of sketching! I love the Picardo P-Patch drawing, it is both simple and precise, two qualities I especially appreciate.
    I came across this artist while looking for new stationary yesterday, and it reminded me of you!
    The whimsical and nostalgic designs are a departure from the formality of my usual (boring) stationary. I can’t decide which design I like best.
    Hope you are well. I miss being in class. We have been travelling, receiving house guests (spring breakers), raking leaves, veggie gardening, the usual springtime rituals. 10,000 Italian honey bees arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Hopefully we will have plenty of honey by midsummer.
    Take care… Happy spring!
    Laurel J.

    • Hello Laurel, Great to hear from you. Yes the stationary is awesome, I really enjoyed seeing her work. Wow, honey bees, what a great adventure this will be. Keep me posted. Prof. Stephanie

  4. Hi prof. Stephanie,
    I love this post! It is really interesting how he talks about his style. Also how he was surprised when he was asked about it. I loved his illustration.

    Holly Dean

  5. Guelmary Mendez

    I like the definitions that he use to describe his style. I enjoy to see post like this.

  6. Adriana Johnson

    I love how simple the drawing is, the lines in sketch book. I do feel like I’m standing in his drawing of the farm.


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