Paul Heaston Line Drawings


Wow!  Paul Heaston is an awesome illustrator and artist.  I am so mesmerized by his style and his line drawing technique is amazing. The point of view of this drawing is unique which captivates my interest.  I like the buildings shown in his side view mirror, you can see what is going on in the street along with the inside of his car.  He puts himself into the drawing which he will do in other images too.  I hope I live long enough to reach his level of drawing skill. His blog, is packed with other wonderful drawings.  Thank you  Sketches & Jottings for posting this image and the links to his site on March 13.

10 responses to “Paul Heaston Line Drawings

  1. This was AWESOME!!! There’s nothing like the detail yet the simplicity of line drawing to mesmerize!

    • Great observation! I like your word mesmerize, I too am totally captivated with his images. Prof. Stephanie

  2. This is amazing! I love the view that he used, and how different it is from what you normally see. This is a great example of hand drawing.

  3. Guelmary Mendez

    Wow!!! a lot of details. This is about practice, practice, practice.

  4. Lindsay Duttera

    This line drawing is amazing. The details it provides almost make it appear to be a black-and-white photograph.

  5. Taylor LaMendola

    This image is amazing! The technique is absolutely fascinating. I love that the perspective is from the person in the driver’s seat and that you can see the rest of his body. It’s a really neat illustration all around!

    • Hi Taylor, yes, Paul’s drawing technique is awesome. I so admire the way he is able to show so much detail and the point of view on his “in the car” image is great! Prof. Stephanie

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