Hand Drawn Nature Coloring Pages

Snapping Turtle A1

It was great fun designing and drawing these coloring pages for Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus nature project.  I got a call from my friend Rawlslyn Francis, who needed color pages for a nature trail.  The project is promoting the education of the natural animals and plants found on campus.  Know someone who enjoys coloring?  You are welcome to print these out and they fit easily on 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper.  Starting at the top and moving down this is a Snapping Turtle, Green Anoles, Beach Sunflowers, Powder Puff Flowers and Blanket Flowers.

Green Anole A1

Beach Sunflower A

Powder Puff Flower A

Blanket Flower A

8 responses to “Hand Drawn Nature Coloring Pages

  1. Such wonderful pictures! What a fun project for you to be involved in. I printed out a copy of all of them for my daughter to color 🙂

    • Hello Shelly, Great! Glad you printed some of these out to use. Yes, this project was so much fun for me to do on spring break. take care – Prof. Stephanie

  2. Amanda Thornton

    What an amazing project! I thought they came out fantastic. I think however my favorites are the lizard and snapping turtle pictures. I like your use of differing pen strokes and the use of dots really adds texture to the images and brings it to life.

  3. I will totally be printing these off for my god daughters! Very well done.

    This was of interest to me as my boyfriend and I will most likely be buying a house in the spring and the most important factor for me will be planning my new garden. I’ve started a small herb garden this year but the next one will have lots more space. In the past 12 months, I’ve become very interested in naturalistic healing and the benefits of organic products and I’d like to include fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and some things that are just pretty/soothing to me and hold no nutritional or medicinal value. But where/how to start??? This is perfect! Practicing this will allow me to better understand the colors and textures I’ll want present and how they interact with each other. Keep it up!

  4. this is such a fun idea! i have briefly done this when i was illustrating a children’s book for my aunt but mass producing this could be fun for the kids without the cost of coloring books

    • Hello Lauren, I had the best time designing and drawing these. Really a fun project. Thank you – Prof. Stephanie

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