Interior Marker Rendering

Chair Dresser Colors emailHere is an interior rendering from a design by Connie Riik.  I am  practice for the marker rendering class I am teaching this summer.

CSR LogoIt is exciting to have the opportunity to draw Connie’s interior designs.  She is a graduate FSCJ interior design department where I am teaching.  She now owns her own business, CSR Interiors, Inc. in Jacksonville Beach Florida.  She has a wonderful website with her other designs  CSR Interiors along with a blog full of interior design ideas called Fabulous & Splendid.  Stay tuned for my drawings and renderings of Connie’s good work!  Below you can see a couple of snap shots taking during the rendering process.

Chair Dresser 1Chair dresser 2Chair Dresser 4Chair Dresser 3

14 responses to “Interior Marker Rendering

  1. Connie has a lovely style – I will pop over and see her other work. Cheers.

  2. Will you be drawing the Mandarin Riverfront toilet (bathroom) next? What great walllpaper, sink and flooring …..

  3. brad young's art

    This looks really good. I like the way it looks. I have never used markers but after your video and this, I’ll have to check them out. Inspiring.

    • So glad you are inspired. You know, markers would work well with your building drawings. I will be posting more marker images this summer. Take care – Stephanie

  4. I really like how you provided different stages of the process.i This helps me understand how you achieved the final product. I also believe seeing the color choices on the side help build a cohesive design.
    Thanks – Franchesca Williams

    • Glad to know that you appreciated seeing the stages. I will be interested to hear what your response is to showing the rendering steps. Thanks – Prof. Stephanie

  5. Kymber Zipperer

    I like how this rendering turned out with markers as opposed to colored pencils. It is interesting to see your step by step process, as everyone works differently. I also really like that you referenced which colors you used. This rendering looks great and I hope that one day I can perfect my rendering skills to look at least half as good as this does!

    • Yes, the goal is for you to be using your markers and rendering successfully by the end of the summer!

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  7. Amanda Thornton

    I absolutely loved your final product. I liked how you added shade and shadow to the chair to give it more depth and pop out more. And the wallpaper came out really well too with the great texture of the differing line weights. It’s very inspiring.

    • You keep up the great work you are doing in the marker class. It is exciting to see you all learning this skill. Prof. Stephanie

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