Interior Fabric Rendering with Line

Sofa fabric rendering Edit

Adding pattern to furniture is part of creating interesting perspective drawings of interior spaces.  When selecting patterns, plan to choose a variety of them such as a curvilinear, a geometric, a  small pattern and a large pattern.   I first practice drawing the fabric patterns in a small square to see how they will look before using them in a rendering. The image above show the actual patterns and how they were rendered.  The quick sketch below shows the variety of patterns that were drawn on the pillows.

Sofa finish 3

2 responses to “Interior Fabric Rendering with Line

  1. I love to see when the actual pattern of the fabric selections are put into a rendering. It gives so much more life to the picture and can really make sense to the client when all they’re given is a bunch of different fabrics and told what goes where. Seeing it the drawing helps organize the thoughts running through the clients mind.

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