Marker Rendered Floor Plan

Floor Plan Large RenderingFloor plans rendered with color will visually communicate the design of a space.  Color adds interest and flavor to the plan and I find markers to be a quick color medium to show the color palette of the space, add texture, shade and shadow.  Here are some of the features and steps I used in rendering this floor plan:

Markers image1.  A triad color scheme plus neutral hues was used to unity the design. Each hue is repeated through out the space.  Here is a snap shot of some of the markers used, notice the triad color scheme is yellow, blue and red with added neutrals of brown, tan and grey.

2.  A variety of different finish textures were added with a combination of color marker strokes and stippling along with a fine line black marker also.

3.  The blocks above the rendering represent my method for recording the marker colors used in an image.  Each block shows from left to right the markers for the neutrals, tile, deck wood, fabric living room and fabric dining room.  I will refer back to this information when working on other renderings.

4.  Since it is still challenging for me to add shade and shadow, I did a quick, simple shade and shadow study before the final rendering.  Notice in the image below, there is only a single light source on the top right corner.

Floor plan shade & shadow

8 responses to “Marker Rendered Floor Plan

  1. Jenn McCollister

    I’m really enjoying using markers and colored pencils to render instead of just using colored pencils. The finished product turns out so much more professional in my opinion. They both have their pros and cons but I think markers are a lot more fun to render with. I really like your finished floor plan, turned out great!

    • Glad you are getting to experiment with different color mediums. Thanks for the compliment on the floor plan. Learning on each rendered image for sure. Prof. Stephanie

  2. I like adding the shadow to my renderings. It gives it more detail and brings the furniture pop out.

  3. Jacqueline Liberio

    This class is really showing me how much skill and practice this area takes. These artists make their work look so flawless in a simplistic way that it looks easier than it is. I am quickly learning that every stroke has a purpose.

    • Glad you are in the world of marker rendering. Notice too how the artist use value contrast to have their images pop. Prof. Stephanie

  4. I can’t wait until we start adding color and textures to our floor plans. I have never done anything remotely like this – the combination of extreme detail work with the fun of color and texture is really exciting to me. A perfect combination of hard and soft, rigid and flexible, detail and big picture. ooh, fun!

    • Yes, you will have fun with color for sure. You do want to get comfortable with the floor plan and creating textures with lines and dots before you add another design element like color.

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