Marker Rendered Floor Plans

Lindsey CarterI am appreciating the good work that my marker rendering students are doing at Florida State College at Jacksonville this summer.  Most of the students have no back ground in marker rendering techniques and yet they are courageously taking the time to learn this skill.

Jacqueline Liberio 1At week #3, the students were assigned to render this floor plan unifying the image using color along with creating interest with a variety of different textures and patterns.  Each hue or color needed to be repeated throughout the image.  Here are five different interpretations of the assignment.  Starting at the top, the rendering image was completed by Lindsey Carter, Jacqueline Liberio, Jennifer McCollister, Katey Pasco and Amanda Thornton.

Jennifer McCollisterIt is fun to see the different styles and flavors that each student naturally bring to their work.  They continue to develop this style during the semester.  Teaching hand drawing and rendering has shown me that everyone expresses themselves visually with  their own unique  “hand” style.  I think we are attracted to hand drawn images because of the distinctive expressive quality that each drawing shows.

Katey Pasco 1Amanda Thornton 1

9 responses to “Marker Rendered Floor Plans

  1. Jacqueline Liberio

    Thank-you Prof. Sipp. I enjoy being able to view my favorites from class via your scans rather than small pictures I took using my phone. It is a huge complement to be noted in your blog and adding multiple versions of the same picture helps me to appreciate the techniques used and furthers the site as a resource.

  2. Thank you for including my work on your blog. I find it helpful looking at others work. I hope to see this on your blog in the future!

  3. Amanda Thornton

    Thank you so much Professor Sipp for including my work on your blog along with the other ladies. I have really enjoyed looking at the other examples to see what other techniques were used so that I can broaden my skills. Thank you again….I’m very honored.

  4. Jenn McCollister

    Thank you for adding my rendering to your blog. It’s great to be able to refer back to other students work and pick up on the different techniques they used!

    • Hello Jenn,
      Thank you for your post and you are most welcome. I get very excited when individuals learn new drawing and rendering techniques and was pleased to post your good work. Take care – Prof. Stephanie

  5. littlebludesigns

    These are great, can I ask what markers were used?

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