Sketches of interiors

Table & Pictures 2When do you find time to practice your drawing skills?  I keep a sketch pad, pencil, eraser and drawing marker right next to where I sit in the evens at the house.  I can easily do a quick sketch at the end of the day.  Sometimes these images are discombobulated and yet it is always good for me to be practicing my drawing.

These drawing get started with a light pencil so I can check the proportions.  Next a medium tip drawing marker goes right on top of the light pencil and I like to adjust the image as I drawing.  A thin tip marker is used to add the texture.

The goal is to have a variety of texture and contrast of value in the image. A good example of this can be seen in the first drawing with a light value on the wall and the darker value of the table against it. This contrast is important.  I think the second drawing below was not as successful with showing a change in value and a variety of texture.  Notice the values are all too similar, they are from the middle range.  There are no light values that are close to white. Without the value contrast everything blends together.  If the chest had been a light value the image would have been improved. The textures used are all similar, dots and dashes which is not very interesting.  Maybe next time!

Table & Chair 2

3 responses to “Sketches of interiors

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  2. I think this is a great idea. I started to keep my sketch pad near me, and I found myself practicing my sketching. Hopefully using this technique will help me in the long run.

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