Practice Sketching Ideas

What a great idea to use the alphabet as a way to practice small thumbnail sketches.  I would think that these small images can also be used to generate ideas for more finished pieces.  These are from  Catherine Carey’s studio blog ” Here is a quote from her blog ” I am an artist living, teaching, and painting in a beautiful, small, resort town on Little Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan. My creative passion is watercolor sketchbook journaling. On this blog I will post things that I am working on and things I am teaching in my classes.”

Sketch FlowersPracticing your drawing is an important aspect of improving your skills.  I like to practice drawing subjects that I know well.  I do find the most challenging part of practicing is that my images don’t look as good as I want them too.  It is discouraging to finish a sketch and find it is discombobulated.  This summer I have been learning about adding color and value to images using markers.  Here is a quick sketch assisting me in learning about maker rendering techniques.

2 responses to “Practice Sketching Ideas

  1. I had a look at Catherine’s site – I hadn’t come across it before – she has a lot of good ideas. Cheers.

  2. I think just drawing a smal sketch of things that start with different letters in the alphabet is very smart. Usually when finding something to draw, I over-think it. Using this idea would help me get more experience because I would be drawing more things and it would also make me simplify things.

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