Drawing One-Point Perspective Furniture

One Point OttomansI am always looking for visual ways to communicate the properties of perspective drawing to my students.  In a one-point perspective drawing, the furniture piece will have a flat front and the sides of the piece will be drawn using the single vanishing point and perspective guide lines.  The pattern of the material on the flat front is to scale meaning there is not any perspective distortion. The sides and top of the ottoman fabric pattern uses the perspective guide lines.

Table perspective three

When drawing case goods it is important to get the legs drawn correctly using the perspective guide lines. Depending on where the location of the piece is to the vanishing point will determine what side of the piece will be seen.  Notice in the table to the left will show the right side of the legs and the table on the right will show the left side of the legs.  Want to learn more about drawing furniture in perspective?  Check out my book Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing.

8 responses to “Drawing One-Point Perspective Furniture

  1. I had to draw a row of three sun loungers recently and I found it quite tricky to get right plus the more I looked at the result the more I decided it was wrong. So thank you for the above tips.

    • Hi there, so glad that my post assisted you in understanding perspective drawing. Thank you for letting me know. Keep drawing – Stephanie

  2. I spy West Elm ottomans, Stephanie! 😉 Hope you are doing well!

    • Hello Taylor,
      Great to hear from you and yes, they are West Elm ottomans.
      Was visiting Black Mountain last week, beautiful area. I know you are enjoying your new place.
      Take care – Stephanie

  3. I love reading these articles. And I appreciate the fact that my furniture is actually starting to look like furniture! (And I think I’m finally seeing improvement) Practice, practice, practice! These are great images that convey exactly what perspective drawing is.

    • Hello Heather,
      It is fun to have your drawings get better and better as you put time into learning this skill. The perspective class will give you opportunities to keep your pencil in motion!
      Take care – Prof. Stephanie

  4. Claudia Wright

    these drawings are so helpful. We are working away on our perspective projects and it is an intense learning experience! I have learned (among many other things) simplicity is key. Simple first and go from there. In the end you wind up with something beautiful.

    • Hello Claudia,
      Great to get your note about these drawings and how they assist with your learning journey. Keep moving one tiny step at a time. Prof. Stephanie

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