Drawing Two-Point Perspective Table Legs

Check out these two drawings that show how the legs were drawn on a two-point perspective table.  Note the second vanishing point is off the page and the dotted lines represent perspective guide lines from the vanish point.

Table Perspective 2The finished drawing above shows the darker side plane used the right vanishing  point (RVP) and the lighter side plane uses the left perspective point (LVP) to draw the leg shape.  This is true for the sides of the legs that are underneath the table top.  The drawing below, which was drawn first, shows the perspective guide lines creating the table leg shape on the ground.  Think about the parallel planes as you are drawing furniture in two point perspective.

Table Perspective 1

6 responses to “Drawing Two-Point Perspective Table Legs

  1. This is a very helpful drawing technique and I can see where it would be helpful when sketching ideas for a client.

  2. I really liked this post. It puts everything into perspective that we learned in class. I cant wait to start drawing furniture and room layouts. I also like how you included the key to show the depth in the table.

  3. This didn’t help me at all

    • Hello Summer, I am sorry to hear that the drawing I posted was not helpful to you. Take care – Stephanie

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